Wasted Space

Many libraries in the surrounding communities have had to be closed. Austerity cuts bite. My own local library, however, has managed to stay open, despite having to cut hours. The library will now be open for no longer than six hours each day and won’t be open at all on Fridays. Man! Libraries are typically the hot spot on Friday nights. Now where will I go?

I’m actually currently in my library. Seated in a nice alcove with a view of my small city’s excuse for a skyline. This is where I feel most at home. Heaven probably looks something like this.

But in order to get to my alcove and relax in the large comfy chair, I have to pass rows and rows of computers. I live in a  middle-class area with spots of poverty here and there. Most don’t own computers, so naturally they come to their local library. Nothing wrong with that. It’s what they do on those computers that makes me mad.

When passing by, I happen to glance at the screens. Facebook. Twitter. Games. Nothing actually worthwhile. Libraries are institutions of learning and knowledge. There are more books than one can fathom. And while all that is available, people choose to waste their time on social networks and video games. Life is out there, waiting for them. We can all seize the day, but only if we try.

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