The Wonderful World of College Admissions

Ah, 2012. What a great year to be contemplating the rest of my life. The world is bound to end in just a few months and a group of idiots are trying to take control of the country. Never been a better time to be alive!

But in all seriousness, where I attend college is a big decision, one I wish I started to plan a few years ago instead of just a few months.

We have a mentoring program at our high school. Upperclassmen are paired up with incoming freshmen to show them the ropes of high school and how to maintain one’s sanity. I’ve stressed to my mentees how crucial a good plan during high school is. My lack of wherewithal might have cost me my one shot at eternal glory.

But enough gloom and doom. I am slated to apply to six college this fall:

1. The University of Michigan- an obvious choice because of its great history of academics and success. Also, it helps that campus is a mere forty minutes away from where I am right now.

2. The University of Virginia- UVA has one of the best programs for political science in the country, aptly named the Politics Center. The head, Larry Sabato, is one of my teacher’s favorite political gurus. Also, the place was founded by Thomas Jefferson. ‘Nuff said.

3. Yale University- Yale could easily be the best university in the world. Its combination of innovation programs and expansive departments make it a dream for any college applicant.

4. Wesleyan University- after my visit to Middletown, I fell in love with the campus and the close-knit feel of the educational community. Also, its new three-year degree program is extremely appealing.

5. Harvard University- need anything more be said? After my visit to Cambridge, I was a bit taken aback by the impersonal nature of the campus and its proximity to such a large city, however. But still, nobody beats Harvard.

6. Northwestern- although close to a large city, Chi-Town is the best. NW also has amazing vegan options and an amazing social life to add to its top-notch academics.

In order to apply, I’ve had to write a total of ten essays.

  • Two are required by the Common Application– one refers to a personal event and the other to an extracurricular activity or work experience.
  • Two for the Michigan supplement– one on my place in a culture and another on my selected undergraduate college.
  • Two for the Virginia supplement [I especially loved writing these essays]– one on my favorite word and another on a subject I’m passionate about.
  • Two for Yale– one explaining something not already evident in the rest of my application and one simply asking ‘Why Yale?’. In addition, there are four 25-word ‘Short Takes’.
  • None for Welseyan! :D
  • One for Harvard– again something not already evident.
  • One for Northwestern– explaining my selected undergraduate college.

As of this blog post on Labor Day, I have completed my personal essay for the Common App, drafted the other CA essay, both Michigan essays, and the first Virginia essay. Only half-way done. The deadline looms. Someone save me. Now.

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