The Problem with Free Time

“Those who seek rest find boredom. Those who seek work find rest.”

I love that quote. In fact, I’ll probably use it as my senior quote in next spring’s yearbook. If you’ve ever worked hard and then enjoyed the sweet relief of free time, the quote sounds like an eternal truth.

But there is a problem with too much free time. One is left to wander around, encased with boredom and aimlessness. One might fend off boredom with our smart phones, watching movies, or by binge-eating. All of which only waste time, which seems so valuable a commodity when we haven’t got it. When we finally do have it, we waste it!

I’m not an exception; I’m writing this merely to give my day purpose, even though I know no one will ever read this.

We cannot stand for this anymore! We must find activities to enthuse our interest and make our lives seem less worthless.

Good luck!

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