New Digs: My Sophomore Bachelor Pad

Just a few minutes ago, I finished moving into the room where I’ll be spending the next nine months of my existence. It’s a single in the Community Service House, one of the several program houses at Wesleyan. In the interest of brevity, here’s a pros and cons list of my new living situation.


  • No roommate (no sexiling; I can go to sleep whenever I want; morning meditation without risk of disturbing his sleep)
  • Great location (I’m across the street from the dorm I lived in last semester– 500 feet closer to central campus!)
  • Great mission (The Community Service House creates service projects each month at the nearby food pantry, soup kitchen, and homeless shelter)


  • My room is right by the front door of the house, meaning that I’ll know when everyone gets back home during those late weekend nights
  • I might get somewhat lonely without a roommate
  • I’m no longer able to loft my bed– the frame is quite low to the ground– which eliminates the possibility of extra storage space

Now, here are some pictures!

Starting outside…

20140821_212336 20140821_212352

My room is just to the left of the door


Notice the lovely double doors for when I host impromptu group workouts!


And here are the rest!

20140821_212424 20140821_212431 20140821_212435 20140821_212442

Excuse the mess!

20140821_212454 20140821_212504 20140821_212517

There are also two important parts of my room I want to point out:

20140821_201935These two sheets of paper hang directly above my bed, as they have for the past six months I’ve been on campus. They’re the first thing I see when I wake up. The top, of course, was Benjamin Franklin’s ‘morning question’, which would set the tone for how he lived each day. The bottom reminds me that while I may not be the wealthiest, nor the most intelligent, student at Wesleyan, I can make up for anything and everything I lack with my hard work.

Helping to motivate me is my corkboard of quotes:

20140821_214125One of the most inspiring is a line from Invictus by William Ernest Henley:

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul

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