Announcing Premed Summer

On the heels of my completion of the premed experience, which will effectively conclude once I sit for the MCAT, I am starting a series of blog posts entitled, “Premed Summer.”

Every two weeks I will post about the most pressing issues in a premed student’s life, including,

  • The Most Cost Effective Way to Study for the MCAT
  • Reasons NOT to Become a Physician
  • Reason TO Become a Physician (including tips on motivation and resilience!)
  • Overview of the Medical School Application Process
  • Affording Medical School

In writing these pieces, I hope to streamline what is often perceived to be a complicated process and further others’ understanding of what it takes to get into a top-tier medical school.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Premed Summer”

  1. As a pre-med myself, I feel that these topics encompass many of the key issues a typical students stresses about. I’m excited for the future posts.

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