Marathon Training Begins

Last September, I finished second among nearly 450 runners at the annual Run Wild 10K at the Detroit Zoo. This is the highest I’ve ever placed in a road race and speaks volumes to the discipline and diligence in my training over the preceding eight weeks.

To train for the 10K, I followed the Nike+ Running Club plan to a T, completing each speed workout as prescribed and taking off-days when needed (few, fortunately, were needed).

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About six weeks later, however, I began to experience crushing pain in my right ankle, which was later diagnosed as inflammation of the peroneal tendons.

I missed the half-marathon I was slated to run just three weeks later in mid-November.

For the remainder of 2018, I wouldn’t run more than 10 miles per week.

After nearly four months of physical therapy and steady progress, I have started training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon, held on 20 October 2019 (coincidentally, the birthday of one of my moms).

I plan to follow Nike+ Running Club’s 18-week marathon training plan with some minor modifications:

  • I plan to add abdominal/core workouts every week directly following two recovery runs
  • I will also complete a series of yoga sequences every other day throughout training

Much of my training, unfortunately, will coincide with my first semester of medical school, which is all but guaranteed to be a source of stress unlike any other I’ve experienced.

You can follow my training journey on Strava as well as on this blog. I hope to post updates on my training regimen once every two weeks.

1 thought on “Marathon Training Begins”

  1. With every turn or twist, I enjoy reading your updates on how you are managing to run in this race of life. Your insight and views are valuable and important.
    Thank you.

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