My Marathon: Washington, D.C. (#3)

Nothing exposes one's ignorance and blatant disregard for personal health quite like attempting to run a marathon after very little training. The rigor of my coursework this semester in tandem with my aversion to running in cold weather doomed my preparation over the past eight weeks. Achieve a personal record in last weekend's race I did not.… Continue reading My Marathon: Washington, D.C. (#3)

My Marathon: Cape Cod (#2)

A smoky cannon, strong gusts of wind, and salty mists from the Vineyard Sound started my marathon this morning in Cape Cod. My dreams of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2017 (the cut-off date for next year's was last month) were quickly dashed as hill after hill presented itself seemingly non-stop from miles 18 through… Continue reading My Marathon: Cape Cod (#2)

Un corredor en Perú (A Runner in Peru)

Word Count: 580 |  Time to Read: 4 minutes For the next six weeks I will be doing public health work in central Peru in a small village five hours north of the city of Ayacucho. A team of local medical professionals there have proposed a project that would educate families on how to provide ample childhood nutrition given… Continue reading Un corredor en Perú (A Runner in Peru)

The Give and Take of Fitness

Word Count: 1430 |  Time to Read: 6 minutes A few years ago I stumbled on what is one of the coolest ways to think about exercise. Although adapted1 initially to describe how soccer players are the "ultimate well-rounded athletes," (a claim that merits some debate to be sure) the “Eight Pillars of Fitness,” as described by Ashleigh… Continue reading The Give and Take of Fitness

‘Like You’re Strolling through the Park’: My First Half-Marathon

Word Count: 1430 |  Time to Read: 7 minutes Almost everyone I talked to was in disbelief. There was no way I could run a half-marathon after training for only five weeks. Sure, I would finish the race no sweat, but there was little chance that I would actually accomplish anything significant. Ah, there is a special joy… Continue reading ‘Like You’re Strolling through the Park’: My First Half-Marathon