My Resolutions for 2018

About 30 hours before 2018 began, I hastily typed my resolutions into the Notes app on my phone after scrolling through search results on Instagram and Pinterest.

(For the record, I don’t usually elicit life advice from social media, but when the going gets tough, the tough turn to fake news and cat videos.)

Making resolutions is a tradition I cherish greatly, and perhaps a bit too greatly. This year, I made no fewer than eight resolutions, each successively more difficult than the last.

  1. Use no plastic shopping bags
  2. Cook a meal from each continent
  3. Memorize five of your favorite poems
  4. Meet 50 new people
  5. Read 50 books
  6. Invest $2500
  7. Qualify for the Boston Marathon (BMQ) and Run 2018 Kilometers
  8. Scoring a 520 on the MCAT

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Rainy Recovery (11/12/17 to 11/18/17 Training Log)

The slow progression towards winter continued this week, with yet more bouts of rain and sub-freezing wind chills. Although exercising in such weather often takes herculean motivation, I take heart when I’m running against strong gusts of wind or soaked to the bone from torrential rainfall, knowing few conditions are more helpful in building the mental fortitude necessary to compete in marathons.

Despite my best efforts to spend more time stretching this week, the soreness in my right adductor continued to worsen over the last few days. I’m used to running past the pain when a small injury presents, expecting my body will adapt and gradually heal itself. To my credit, it always has.

I’ll be 23 years old in just over two weeks, however, and the steady march of senescence will only accelerate from hereon. With my pre-frontal cortex at last nearing the end of maturation [1], I’ve instead opted to abstain from running for the next two weeks and spend at least 30 minutes daily stretching my lower body, core muscles, and stabilizer muscles. In due time, I’ll return to the roads in top form.

Sunday | November 12th 

10 Minute Core Workout, Aztec Athletics
Deep Stretch Yoga, Millionaire Hoy

Monday November 13th 

3 miles, average pace: 8:20 (8:08, 8:24, 8:28)

Tuesday | November 14th

45 minutes on elliptical
15 minutes foam-rolling and stretching

Wednesday | November 15th | Ann Arbor, MI

2 miles, average pace: 8:15 (8:12, 8:16)

Abs/Core Workout,

Thursday | November 16th

Deep Stretch Yoga, Millionaire Hoy

Friday | November 17th 

4 miles, average pace: 8:18 (8:19, 8:12, 8:16, 8:25)


Standing military press, 3×6 @ 80 lbs

Side lateral raise, 3×6 @ 20 lbs

Saturday | November 18th | Ann Arbor, MI

4 miles, 8:25 average pace (8:15, 8:27, 8:30, 8:25)

Total mileage: 13 miles