Spooky&Speedy (10/29/17 to 11/4/17 Training Log)

This week brought a return to a formal training plan, the first sub-freezing temperatures of the season, and a frighteningly fast track workout. I also signed up for the Wisconsin Marathon, slated to be held on May 5th, 2018. That's nearly 27 weeks away, providing ample time to start and maintain a new training regimen. I'll… Continue reading Spooky&Speedy (10/29/17 to 11/4/17 Training Log)

Payback (10/15/17 to 10/28/17 Training Log)

I ran my sixth marathon, the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon, on October 15th, finishing in 3:35:22, about twenty-four minutes slower than my PR. Given the enormous trauma endured by the body and sheer volume of running involved in a marathon, it's fairly common to feel jaded by the sport after finishing. I know of… Continue reading Payback (10/15/17 to 10/28/17 Training Log)

My Marathon: Washington, D.C. (#3)

Nothing exposes one's ignorance and blatant disregard for personal health quite like attempting to run a marathon after very little training. The rigor of my coursework this semester in tandem with my aversion to running in cold weather doomed my preparation over the past eight weeks. Achieve a personal record in last weekend's race I did not.… Continue reading My Marathon: Washington, D.C. (#3)

The Ascent: Reflections from a Pre-Med Student

A LITTLE OVER a year from now I will sit for the Medical College Admission Test, better known by its haunting acronym, the MCAT. This seven-hour test will be a large determinant of the course of the rest of my life, dictating where I attend medical school and the strength of the residency program I enter.… Continue reading The Ascent: Reflections from a Pre-Med Student

My Marathon: Cape Cod (#2)

A smoky cannon, strong gusts of wind, and salty mists from the Vineyard Sound started my marathon this morning in Cape Cod. My dreams of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2017 (the cut-off date for next year's was last month) were quickly dashed as hill after hill presented itself seemingly non-stop from miles 18 through… Continue reading My Marathon: Cape Cod (#2)

A Gringo’s Tale (Fred’s Trip to Peru)

Word Count: 420 |  Time to Read: 3 minutes  |  Time to Complete: 21 minutes I’m currently writing this at 3 o’clock in the morning from seat 20D on JetBlue flight 1824 from Lima to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I can’t sleep. For the past three weeks, I traveled throughout the department of Ayacucho in central Peru, meeting… Continue reading A Gringo’s Tale (Fred’s Trip to Peru)