Rethinking: Learning and Studying

Word Count: 2100  |  Time to Read: 8 minutes Contents: Intro The Four Steps Intro: Across the country this fall, millions of students will descend upon community colleges, trade schools, and four-year universities for the first time. They’ll enter as bright-eyed optimists, believing they’re destined for great things and that the world is their oyster.… Continue reading Rethinking: Learning and Studying

Rethinking: Sleep Part II (Crunching the Numbers)

Word Count: 1300    |   Time to Read: 8 minutes This is a part of Rethinking, an ongoing series of posts focused on changing perceptions and promoting more advantageous behavior. When I wrote Rethinking: Sleep after the first semester of my freshman year of college, I thought I had the esoteric world of slumber all… Continue reading Rethinking: Sleep Part II (Crunching the Numbers)

Rethinking: Fitness Part I

Word Count: 1700 |  Time to Read: 8 minutes Images like these dominate most fitness-themed blogs on Tumblr and Pinterest: an inspiring message overlays an image of a woman with an extremely flat stomach. Their intention is well-meaning, of course. These pictures motivate people to exercise, to sweat and work hard. The reward for that work… Continue reading Rethinking: Fitness Part I