Fred’s Life Goals

Latest Update: 3 March 2019.

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity

Horace Mann

Defining one’s life goals is a difficult endeavor. Given the propensity of humans to be temporally myopic (shortsighted with respect to time), specifying a certain set of guidelines or principles to follow for decades can be irresponsible, reckless, or, detrimental.

Nevertheless, life goals provide a framework around which one can structure long-term plans as well as day-to-day routines, imparting meaning to an existence otherwise devoid of inherent purpose.

I first delineated these goals at the age of twenty, keeping them purposely vague, while still allowing them to form the raison d’être for my life. They have changed little in that time.

Acquire, Maintain, and Utilize an Eclectic Repository of Knowledge

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

Human beings possess a degree of intelligence and consciousness found nowhere else in the natural world.

Emerging research within neuroscience, psychology, and biology points to the enduring plasticity and neurogenesis of our brains. That is to say, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

In hopes of using my neurons for all they’re worth as well as forestalling the progression of dementia and similar degenerative disorders, I’ve taken the initiative to ensure I possess such an eclectic repository of knowledge within my memory stores. These measures include

  • teaching courses on scientific material (such as MCAT prep)
  • creating analytical pieces of writing (such as posts on this blog)
  • reviewing previously learned content through an active recall mechanism using a spaced repetition algorithm within Anki.

Other goals that comprise this broader aim include:

  • Reading at least 25 books per year from a variety of disciplines
  • Meditate on a daily basis

Alleviate the Suffering of Other Humans and the Environment

Only a life lived in service to others is a life worth living

Albert Einstein

Raise and Provide for a Family

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love

Carl Sagan

I take great pleasure in the prospect that I will be able to pass down my values and ideas to additional generations. I hope to serve as a Giant on whose shoulders others may stand to serve humanity and perpetuate the inquiry and discovery of knowledge.