Resolutions Tracker

Latest Update: 1 January 2019. Note to reader: this page is a work in progrss.

This page functions as an accountability mechanism for my New Year’s resolutions for 2019, in which others can monitor the progress, or lack thereof, I am making towards accomplishing each resolution.

I. Become fluent in conversation Spanish

The Foreign Service Institute of the US State Department estimates that achieving General Professional Proficiency in speaking and reading in Spanish will take about 575 to 600 hours.

Prior to 2019, I studied Spanish in a classroom setting for about four years.

Being generous, I’ll give myself about 150 hours of learning, meaning that I have another 450 hours of studying until I reach Professional Proficiency.

II. Become fluent in Python

There are far fewer benchmarks for measuring a programmer’s proficiency in Python. Nonetheless, tracking the time I spend learning the various components of Python may very well be the best method for monitoring my progress.

III. Serve 10 hours per week

IV. Win ten games of chess

V. Qualify for the Boston Marathon

VI. Learn how to swim

VII. Read 50 books

VIII. Ride a bike or take public transportation as frequently as possible