About Frizzly

In addition to the spectacularly interesting life I lead as Fred, I moonlight as Frizzly, a vegan marathoner based in Southfield, MI.

IMG_4857In many respects, Frizzly is my alter ego. Emerging first while I was a high school student, Frizzly has come to symbolize the competitive drive that lays dormant inside most of us. During college, I channeled this force into a total body conditioning class open to all fitness levels.

Now, Frizzly serves as the embodiment of who I become when I run. On the suggestion of an English teacher, I began running five years ago and, next to going vegan, I consider the decision to be one of the most important in my life.

Running is at once therapeutic, meditative,  and fulfills a deep, intrinsic desire to compete.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 21.05.52

To date, I’ve completed seven marathons. Below is a record of all races I’ve run. Personal records (PRs) are bolded.

Date Event Location Time
10/12/13 Marathon Hartford, CT 3:40:20
11/28/13 10K Bethesda, MD 49:25
4/12/15 Half-Marathon Middletown, CT 1:34:32
8/15/15 10K Farmington, MI 52:18
9/26/15 10K Cheshire, CT 37:45
10/25/15 Marathon Falmouth, MA 3:13:23
11/14/15 Half-Marathon Roxbury, CT 1:33:47
11/15/15 5K Middletown, CT 19:31
3/12/16 Marathon Washington, D.C. 3:37:25
4/24/16 Half-Marathon Middletown, CT 1:33:09
8/20/16 10K Farmington, MI 39:25
10/1/16 Marathon Bristol, NH 3:29:13
11/12/16 Half-Marathon Roxbury, CT 1:37:55
2/5/17 5K New Haven, CT 18:33
3/19/17 Marathon Virginia Beach, VA 3:25:24
4/9/17 Half-Marathon Middletown, CT 1:29:57
10/15/17 Marathon Columbus, OH 3:35:22
5/5/18 Marathon Kenosha, WI 3:34:54
9/9/18 10K Huntington Woods, MI 37:03

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