Why You Shouldn’t Become a Physician

This piece is the first in Premed Summer, a series of posts that address the most important aspects of a premedical student's career. The Reasons: Time Money Health Last week I¬†watched my first open procedure. This is med-talk for when tissues and other bodily structures are exposed to air during a surgery. During the three-hour… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Become a Physician

The Ascent: Reflections from a Pre-Med Student

A LITTLE OVER a year from now I will sit for the Medical College Admission Test, better known by its haunting acronym, the MCAT. This¬†seven-hour test will be a large determinant of the course of the rest of my life, dictating where I attend medical school and the strength of the residency program I enter.… Continue reading The Ascent: Reflections from a Pre-Med Student