The Give and Take of Fitness

Word Count: 1430 |  Time to Read: 6 minutes A few years ago I stumbled on what is one of the coolest ways to think about exercise. Although adapted1 initially to describe how soccer players are the "ultimate well-rounded athletes," (a claim that merits some debate to be sure) the “Eight Pillars of Fitness,” as described by Ashleigh… Continue reading The Give and Take of Fitness

Mean and Green: Adventures in Vegan Bulking

Word Count: 850 |  Time to Read: 5 minutes  |  Time to Complete: 21 minutes When you hear the word 'vegan', does an image similar to the one above pop into your head? If it does, there's no shame. Although the consumption of a plant-based diet has myriad benefits (the prevention of heart disease, the reduction of… Continue reading Mean and Green: Adventures in Vegan Bulking

Rethinking: Fitness Part I

Word Count: 1700 |  Time to Read: 8 minutes Images like these dominate most fitness-themed blogs on Tumblr and Pinterest: an inspiring message overlays an image of a woman with an extremely flat stomach. Their intention is well-meaning, of course. These pictures motivate people to exercise, to sweat and work hard. The reward for that work… Continue reading Rethinking: Fitness Part I