Why You Shouldn’t Become a Physician

This piece is the first in Premed Summer, a series of posts that address the most important aspects of a premedical student's career. The Reasons: Time Money Health Last week I watched my first open procedure. This is med-talk for when tissues and other bodily structures are exposed to air during a surgery. During the three-hour… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Become a Physician

The Case Against Tuition-Free Higher Education

Millennials, blue collar workers, and grassroots organizers across the United States have galvanized around Bernie Sanders' message of taking big money out of politics, redoubling efforts to end income inequality, and making health care a right for every citizen. Indeed, many Americans agree with Bernie's positions, which resonate deeply with the ideal that our society should be both… Continue reading The Case Against Tuition-Free Higher Education

APs Matter

I'm currently independently studying AP Environmental Science. Why? Because clearly I hate having a social life. I've also been taking AP Economics, undoubtedly one of the hardest courses I've ever endured. Nevertheless, studying these courses has changed my outlook on the world. Before, I planned to major in Psychology and Political Science. Now, in a… Continue reading APs Matter

The Beginning of the End

The television and cinematic portrayal of high school were never close to the real thing. There are bullies, yes, and cliques and jocks, but they aren't as pronounced. They're subtle and only reveal themselves if you look closely. No one hangs outside around their cars, waiting for the first bell to ring, at least not… Continue reading The Beginning of the End