‘Like You’re Strolling through the Park’: My First Half-Marathon

Word Count: 1430 |  Time to Read: 7 minutes Almost everyone I talked to was in disbelief. There was no way I could run a half-marathon after training for only five weeks. Sure, I would finish the race no sweat, but there was little chance that I would actually accomplish anything significant. Ah, there is a special joy… Continue reading ‘Like You’re Strolling through the Park’: My First Half-Marathon

It’s Official!

Among college students, spring term is often pervaded by a phenomenon known as the 'February Funk'. The pairing of consistent sub-freezing temperatures and seemingly endless snow with the increasing rigor of coursework is enough to make anyone want to crawl beneath the covers each night and wish that hibernation was a possibility for our species. But we trudge… Continue reading It’s Official!