My Resolutions for 2018

About 30 hours before 2018 began, I hastily typed my resolutions into the Notes app on my phone after scrolling through search results on Instagram and Pinterest.

(For the record, I don’t usually elicit life advice from social media, but when the going gets tough, the tough turn to fake news and cat videos.)

Making resolutions is a tradition I cherish greatly, and perhaps a bit too greatly. This year, I made no fewer than eight resolutions, each successively more difficult than the last.

  1. Use no plastic shopping bags
  2. Cook a meal from each continent
  3. Memorize five of your favorite poems
  4. Meet 50 new people
  5. Read 50 books
  6. Invest $2500
  7. Qualify for the Boston Marathon (BMQ) and Run 2018 Kilometers
  8. Scoring a 520 on the MCAT

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Running vs. My (Future) Career

Last weekend I completed the D.C. Rock n’ Roll Marathon. As I recounted in the vlog and the brief blog post, my body was not at all prepared to endure 26.2 miles of running.

In years past, setting aside time every week to train for a race was seamless. Running was just another part of my daily schedule. In taking organic chemistry this past fall, my focus shifted more fully to my dream of becoming a physician and conducting epidemiological research.

I did well in the marathon, half-marathon, and 5K races I finished that fall, but come winter I would make it out on the roads no more than twice a week. I yearned for spring and its promise of warm weather that wouldn’t require putting on three or four layers of clothing to run for 20 minutes.

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