Perspectives from Death’s Doorstep

I'm nearing the end of another semester of college. I've weathered capricious professors, bad break-ups, and numerous existential crises in the past two years. But finally, I cracked. Last week I came down with a nasty cold. My symptoms resembled bronchitis and mononucleosis, though the jury at the Health Center remained out. In the face of… Continue reading Perspectives from Death’s Doorstep

Why I’m Deleting My Facebook

Word Count: 1000 |  Time to Read: 5 minutes I take my New Year's Resolutions very seriously. In the past, these resolutions have spurred me to become a vegan, attempt to find my biological father (an interesting story I've save for another post), and spend a year 'living without'. In March of 2014, I temporarily deleted… Continue reading Why I’m Deleting My Facebook