My Marathon: Cape Cod (#2)

A smoky cannon, strong gusts of wind, and salty mists from the Vineyard Sound started my marathon this morning in Cape Cod. My dreams of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2017 (the cut-off date for next year's was last month) were quickly dashed as hill after hill presented itself seemingly non-stop from miles 18 through… Continue reading My Marathon: Cape Cod (#2)

A Gringo’s Tale (Fred’s Trip to Peru)

Word Count: 420 |  Time to Read: 3 minutes  |  Time to Complete: 21 minutes I’m currently writing this at 3 o’clock in the morning from seat 20D on JetBlue flight 1824 from Lima to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I can’t sleep. For the past three weeks, I traveled throughout the department of Ayacucho in central Peru, meeting… Continue reading A Gringo’s Tale (Fred’s Trip to Peru)

20 Pounds: A Memoir (Fred’s Trip to Israel)

Word Count: 400 |  Time to Read: 3 minutes  |  Time to Complete: 21 minutes Thanks to the generous benefactors of the Taglit-Birthright program (shameless plug alert), I spent nearly two weeks on a whirlwind trip around Israel-- my first time outside of the United States. After landing in the spectacularly modern city of Tel Aviv, we headed north for… Continue reading 20 Pounds: A Memoir (Fred’s Trip to Israel)